Wednesday, February 1, 2006

TFY: A New Year...


Can you believe it's already February of 2006?!?  Wow!  We have now been married for nine months!  In that time we been to IL, WI, MI, GA, TN, and PA.  We have attended weddings, visited family, ran from hurricanes, and served as kitchen staff at a Christian retreat.  We live in Sarasota, and have been blessed to be able to rent a wonderful 2bed/2bath home for only half of what most rentals go for in the area.  Our desire would be to eventually buy a home (either this one or another one)... but seeing as real estate is so expensive these days, we are going to have to wait and see what we can afford.

       Bill is still working for Tru-Trim Inc. doing landscape maintenance, design, and installation.  He still desires to get into the computer field, but is patiently waiting for the Lord to open that door.  Until then, he continues to make house calls... fixing (setting up, etc.) people's computers, as a ministry.  His started out doing this for friends and family, and as word of his service spread by word of mouth, he even got a job creating the CD's for our friend's music ministry!  He finished off his one-year contract with Tru-Trim, and is working there on a month-by-month basis, free to leave (with a two-week notice) whenever a computer position comes available.  I really admire him!  Landscaping (or any physical job, for that mater) is not his 1st choice of work, yet he diligently continues on, with very little complaining.  I am so blessed!  As for me, I spend my days keeping the house, and doing [what seems like] the never-ending stream of laundry. Over the past few months, I have been battling Mono, which seems to come back hard, with every little  bug. I catch. So I have to be careful not to over due myself (yeah, right...) and get plenty of sleep.   I play two instruments, cello & (my main instrument)  piano, and would love to learn the Mandolin! (I also know a little violin).  I teach piano lessons piano lessons out of my home, every Friday,  and am also the full-time pianist/accompanist for our Church, Liberty Baptist.  I too enjoy computers, and am usually found, in my spare time, editing a photo, updating my other blog. posting on a Christian Forum site I'm on, or helping someone out.  (Oh, and I also, occasionally substitute, over at West Florida Christian school.)   

As a couple, you'll most likely find us working as youth-leaders in our church's youth-group, taking video & pictures at Church events, and then editing it into a video presentation, playing/singing in the music ministry (Bill plays Guitar), or doing something on the computer....   The Youth Group is Called "TNT" (Teens in Training). Bill and I are two of eight leaders, and in our small group time, we each average about a half-dozen teens. We meet every Wednesday night for Bible study, game time, bible-quizzing, etc.  and once-twice a month for service/fun activities!  We are also part of the Young Adults class at church, and are getting ready to help start a Wednesday night, Young Adults bible study. So, all in all... the Lord is SO good, life is great, and being married is fabulous!!
 God Bless you All and have a wonderful New Year!!    ~Tiffany (and Bill) Chatzistamatis

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