Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Give me Brass... give me jazz!

KB is now 2 weeks old... and we have discovered she too has a love of music.  But... not the common soothing ballads of lullabies, Classical or instrumental...  ohhhh, no!  For those, she screams!  This baby  only is soothed by the arousing melodies & instrumentation of Big Band/Swing/Jazz... and more specifically, Micheal Buble.

At first I thought surely it was a major coincidence..  after all 2wks old is way too young to have such an option... right?   But after some switching back & forth among various genres.... Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, & Louis Armstrong won out every time... ;) 

Who would have though, hmm? I must say, she does come by it honestly -as it's probably my favorite genre as well... (and besides, who doesn't love Buble's voice. LoL)  But still, for someone so tiny... I must say, it's truly wild....   :)  Hey, who knows.... with such an ear for the sound, maybe she'll break our piano/string-playing precedent... and be a brass player.  That would be neat.