Wednesday, November 1, 2006

TFY: The Things I Love about Bill...

Back when we were first courting).... Bill made up a list of  "101Reasons Why I Love Tiffany..." (basically listing all the reaons/things he loves most about me)... and then posted them on our website! ::awww::  ~ For some time now,  I have been saying to myself:  'I should make up a list, giving the reasons I love him!' ... but, sadly, I never got around to it. :

So now.... without any further ado...   in honor of my wonderful hubby, and our 1½ year anniversary, on October 12th...  I present to you, my list!  (I know there are not 101.... but I guarantee that they all come directly from the heart! Heart)    
S'agapo Polle..... I love you, B!! Knuddel

  Some Things I Love about Bill (in no particular order)...
  1. He works hard to provide for me
  2. He makes me laugh.... all the time!!
  3. He knows no stranger
  4. He always is thinking of others' needs first
  5. He loves the Lord
  6. He loves to give of himself (time, love etc.)
  7. He is amazingly smart
  8. He emboldens me, to always be improving upon myself
  9. He encourages me to reach for the stars
  10. He brightens even the dreariest of days!
  11. He brings out the best in me
  12. He knows *just* how to make me happy...  
  13. He completes me!
    (go ahead & read between the lines on those last two if you wish...)
  14. He's strong when I'm weak
  15. He holds my hand when we are walking along...
  16. ...and I know I can count on him to be by my side, holding my hand, no matter what life may bring our way.
  17. He puts huis arm around me when we are sitting...
  18. He can be *very* romantic!
  19. He is awesome with computers
  20. He tells me he loves me.
  21. He is my special gift from the Lord!
  22. He's not ashamed of me... and makes that known to everyone!
  23. He tells me I am beautiful!
  24. He is *great* with little kids/babies!
  25. He is very animated!
  26. He knows how to make me smile.... no matter how down I am
  27. He's willing to do some things, I want to do.... even if it's not all that interesting to him.
  28. He's immature (in a good way -  everyone [] love him!!) and fun!
  29. He says cheezy stuff to me, just to make me smile/laugh
  30. He runs his fingers through my hair.
  31. He gazes into my eyes with such love!
  32. He sings me songs from random, that prob'ly seem silly to everyone else...  but totally melt my heart!
  33. He acts normal around everyone, and doesn't try to be someone he's not
  34.  He sneaks up behind me and hugs me/cuddles me/etc.
  35. He holds me quietly when I need to cry... and listens attentively if I want to talk
  36. He does little things for me, that let me know he loves me in a *BIG*  way!!
  37. He has this *awesome* twinkle in his eye!
  38. He can be quite spontaneous
  39. He treats me like his princess (and calls me one too!)
  40. He opens doors for me.... most of the time! :-p
  41. He doesn't mind spending time with my friends and me.
  42. He sends me little notes (IM's) throughout the day, to let me know he's thinking about me!
  43. He remembers all those fun little facts about things [like movies, etc]
  44. He has a *great* smile!!
  45. He stands up for me, and makes me feel protected
  46. When I cry, he kisses my tears away
  47. He tells me he appreciates me.
  48. He picks out songs that made him think of me
  49.  He would do pretty much anything for me
  50. He is a great kisser!
  51. He does special things for me, when I am having a bad day.
  52. He puts up with me when I am stubborn, ornery and difficult
  53. He forgives my faults
  54. He is almost always high-spirited, and upbeat
  55. One look or comment from him, and it *really* hard to stay mad at him!  
  56. He tries his best to be precise and accurate in everything he says & does.
  57. He takes time to explain things to me, when I don't understand something, and he does it without making me feel dumb.
  58. He loves to make other people laugh!
  59. He is the life of a party
  60. There is never a dull moment....
  61. He loves music
  62. He is very good at playing the guitar
  63. He is totally handsome!!!!!
  64. He is my hero
  65. He is my best-friend!!!

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