Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8 month milestones

1. How old is your baby? Will be 8 months of Friday

2. Is he/she crawling? Yup! - has been since 6 months.

3. Can he/she stand up? Yup - she has been pulling up since right b/f 6 months (she pulls up on *everything*!!), and is now trying to let go!! She is also on the verge of surfing along the furniture! And will walk across the house, if she has someones fingers to [barely] hold on to!

4. How much does he/she eat (formula)? (baby food)? Breastfeeds often (every 3 hours), LOVES organic puffed brown rice, and gets bites of table food (within reason) at meal times.

5. How many hours a night does he/she sleep through? I can't really say, as we co-sleep... so when she starts stirring, I just roll over, latch her on, and go about sleeping. But she "wakes up" approx 1-2 times a night [to nurse].

6. Has your baby gone through the seperation anxiety stage when someone leaves the room? If so, how do you deal with this? Is there anyway to make it easier? Kinda sorta, not really.... she is very attached to me, but also easy to distract (unless she's really tired!)

7. How many teeth does he/she have? She just started popping through her first one today!

8. How much does he/she weigh? About 14lbs. (our postal scale says 14lbs 4 oz) - she's a peanut!

***** any other milestones your baby has hit?!
She just started signing the other day. She can do "more" (if she wants more rice puff, etc.) and "milk" (to nurse). --- She waves -- She has the pincer grasp figured out! -- She is trying very hard to talk., and says "MaMa", "Dada" (though not often! - drives DH crazy!), "MymMym" (my mom or more), "AAaaahh!!" (My sister Ashlee), "Hi", and a few others. -- I think that's it....

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