Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today I found myself feeling weary over the current (sparse) amount of food in our kitchen... and I had come to a point, where I was at a complete loss as to what other creative things I could do, with what little bit we had left. We are desperate need to go grocery shopping.... yet I knew just getting all our pending bills paid, was going to be a miracle in itself! - It was all becoming way too overwhelming to my mind, emotions... and stomach. In a state frustration, desperation, & tears, I called my earthly lifeline.... my mom (Marmee). I can't tell you how thankful I am to have such a wise, resourceful, & creative role model in my life! She assured me that it really will all be okay.... and then (over the phone -praise the Lord for free Alltel to Alltel!) patiently walked me through making a list of everything I had in my refrigerator, in-house freezer, chest freezer & pantry... and then helped me brainstorm creative ideas for meals. The more I sorted, the more the Lord began showing himself strong. I began pulling out things I never remember having... several chicken breasts, a chicken carcass with a little meat on it (to use for soup), a pork tenderloin, some sweet potatoes fries, some brown rice, two and a half bags of frozen fruit, some whole wheat flour, and lots of peas! Wow! Between shouts of amazement & declarations of praise to the Lord, mom began listing meal ideas as I am madly scribbled them onto my scratch paper! When everything was said and done - to my delight & surprise - we were able to come up with 10 full dinners... all possible without ever having to step foot in the store! (Thank you Lord!) I never in a million years thought I would come up with that much! God is SO good!

On tonight's menu... Whole wheat blueberry pancakes & smoothies! (yum!)

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