Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Homemade pizza!

Today, I made a chicken soup for dinner... but God had other plans for us. Wednesday nights are usually busy... and it's not uncommon for us to not eat until after church, late that night. This was the case tonight. Though the soup was about ready by the time B got home from work... we didn't really have time to sit down to a meal, before it's time to go to church. So I covered it up, turned off the stove, and off we went. Church started out like any other Wednesday night... The teens met in the auditorium, stayed through the song service, and then left during hand-shaking (right before the preaching) to go over for their own Bible Study with Pastor Dan - usually followed by some sort of outing. Only this week, instead of going over to the education building for a bible study... we all loaded straight into the bus for our outing. :confused look: Next thing we know, we are pulling up in front of the Losiers house... where they had graciously been preparing several delicious homemade pizzas for us to eat, and their home to host our bible study! We ate to our heart's content (they made chocolate cupcakes for us too!), had a wonderful bible study, and then headed back to the church, full & happy. :)

So God once again provided.. not only stretching out our meal plans, one more night... but also already having a wonderful chicken soup prepared for us, after what's going to be a busy day tomorrow! Praise the Lord!!

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