Friday, August 29, 2008

A snail steal

About a month ago, my dad called me up out of the blue, asking if he could take KB and I out to lunch. We ended up going to Olive Garden (Soup Salad & Bread sticks!), and then to one of my dad's all-time favorite shopping locations... Goodwill. In our attempts to steer away from as most toys that are battery operated, plastic, or "made in China.... I wasn't seeming to be finding much that even remotely seemed interesting. Suddenly, something promising catches my attention! I pull it out, and realize it's this adorable, colorful little [wooden] snail with a tiny nylon pull cord attached to it! As I turn it over in my hands... inspecting all sides... and become quite impressed by the solid structure & fine quality by which it seems to have been crafted. And the price??... only $.99! Wow! Any of you who have looked into or bought wooden toys of any kind, know that they are not cheap!!! I showed it to dad, and he decided to buy it for KB! Yay!

Now here I am... one month and many snail trips around the house later... I am sitting at the computer... notice the same little snail sitting in the middle of my family room floor... and decide to see if I can't figure out where it came from. After much searching (when in doubt Google it!!) I could only find it listed on one website, and discover it (much to my surprised and elation) is a high-quality German-made wooden toy (colored with non-toxic paints!).... which actually retails for $15+ brand new!!

Wow! Thanx dad! Once again... you found one *awesome* steal... you are the Goodwill king!!

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