Friday, August 29, 2008

Project: ragdoll

So I don't know exactly what put the bee in my bonnet to inspire me to start such a project... (maybe all the crafty mommies on my conscious parenting group?? IDK)... but I have decided to sew KB a rag doll. I found this adorable, simple pattern..

I am using an old shirt for the fabric ("dolly" is going to be blue and white striped... but oh well! :-P)... some left over stuffing I found in our spare closet [my mom left it]... and will probably even embroider her some eyes. (I considered button eyes, but am afraid KB will try to pull them off. lol). I am also thinking of making dolly a little skirt and bonnet out of the same material... (and maybe embroider a heart on the chest?)... but haven't decided yet. Overall, I plan on keeping it pretty simple... as I am doing all the sewing by hand... but there is definitely lots of possibility with the pattern, if I ever do get a machine!

At this point I have gotten two arms & part of a leg finished... so I am averaging about one piece per day. - slow but steady progress. I can't wait to finish, and see how KB likes her! Dolly is going to be simple, yet adorably lovable!

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