Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Is In The Air!

Though I won't ever see any of ^that^ Fall beauty around here.... I am always delighted when the sights & sounds of what is probably my favorite season, begin to give us just a small hint of it's absolute beauty. And surprisingly, it came early this year! The mildly cool, crisp autumn breeze has begun to blow... and the weather here has been just plain LOVELY!!! It's actually been cool morning & at nights (low 60's).... and it's been, sunny, mild, & just plain paradisaical during the day! I don't think it went above 82° *all* day yesterday - ok, so that probably still sounds pretty hot to you... but for us natives, it's *wonderful* I have comfortably had the windows open for the last two days... and the breeze is absolutely refreshing!

I love Fall! ~ I think I shall go out for a walk now....

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