Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please Pray - DH job interview tomorrow!

As you may remember, DH was laid off back in March... out of work for two months... and then made the (stressful) decision to try to start his own business with an entrepreneur acquaintance of ours. Well, here we are six months later.... things didn't work out they way they hoped.... so last week, the decision was made to go their separate ways and start looking for "real jobs" (in their words - Lol!). On Thursday, DH looked online and saw there were openings at Best Buy, so he sent in his application. Later that day, he had to go in to make make a return, and not only was Nicky (the hiring coordinator) there.... but she recognized him (from 6months ago, when he tried to get a job there), and said they received his application! - Unfortunately, they are completely staffed... even for teh Christmas holidays. (stupid website wasn't updated). B was just about to leave when he noticed a sign about the new music department they are adding on. Upon his inquiry & some conversation, he discovered they had not even begun to hire for it, yet. B mentioned to Nicky that he plays guitar... and she said she get the girl in charge of hiring for that area in touch with him. Not getting too excited (last time, he many empty promises of calls from the) he thanked her, and we went on our way. Well, the next day... the phone rang, it was Best Buy! After a mini phone interview (though he doesn't have experience with music sales.... he has *lots* of experience with each individually!)... they asked him to come in Thursday (11/23/08) morning for an interview & audition!!

So all this to say... we NEED your thoughts & prayers for tomorrow! We really can't afford to be out of work for even a month this time... let alone longer. (It's already been a week.) The interview is at 11am. Thanx!! - I'll let ya know how it goes!!

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