Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Simple Women's Daybook

For today, since I was unable to get it done yesterday....

For Today... October 28, 2008

Outside my Window... It's *cold*!! I don't believe it has gotten any warmer than 65° all day!! (which is very unusual for FL... let alone October!!) - It's wonderful! ~ The sun is shining... the wind is blowing... there's not a cloud in the sky... and there's a pair of brown squirrels chasing each other on the wooden fence... it's truly paradise!!

I am remembering . . . Fun times in the "good ol' days"... they sure did go by fast!

I am thankful for... Hubby feeling better today -- FIL who just stopped by, to (finally) fix my dryer!!!

I am thinking... How awesome is the color Vanessa picked for our bridesmaids dresses... and how much fun it's going to be choosing one (style)!!!!
I am wearing... Flannel pants & teal t-shirt, under my plaid apron... barefeet (though I am actually considering going and putting some socks on!)... hair [partially] pulled back in a clip.

I am reading... my script for the church Christmas play (yup, it's a work in progress).... Various music books (I just got the music schedule for this month, and I am on for two choir pieces & three weeks [in a row] of offertories, starting next Sunday).... text messages (I luv my equally addicted, text-a-holic friends!)

From the kitchen... Warming the chicken [broth/noodles] soup I made yesterday... so I can add the chicken & some veggies! I also feel like making bread or rolls or something warm like that... I think I will also go make myself some hot tea!

I am hoping/praying... we hear something back from Best Buy soon... or hubby can find some other work, soon!

I am creating...

I am hearing... KB playing with her lion stacking toy behind me.. Hubby talking on the phone... and the clanking in the garage, of my FIL fixing my dryer!

One of my favorite things... My clothesline!! ~ I am so glad I have had it through all this time, my dryer has been absent!!

Around the house... It got pretty well cleaned, over the weekend... so other than slow process of the seemingly never-ending laundry.... it's not too bad.... just a few random things need picking up.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Well, I thought this week was looking pretty uneventful.... but now it seems as if it's out to prove me wrong! (and that's not necessarily a good thing).

As normal, we have church on Wednesday evening (but I think we have a missionary coming, which is different!)... We will also be attending a funeral/service for Delvis, sometime this week.... (edit: just found out the funeral in on Thursday morning)....
We also possibly, have another funeral to go to, later in the week/weekend. It's for an evangelist friend of my husband's family... (Ok people!! I know they say these things come in threes... but *please* no one else die to make that true, and our week busier... k???)

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God" ~ Corrie Ten Boom

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
She's mommy's little helper, already...

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