Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have come to realize how much I LOVE aprons! They are not only pretty & feminine (you can't help but feel beautiful wearing one!)... but are also SO practical! You can stick just about anything in pockets - therefore leaving your arms/hands free for more important things - like hugging your children! - while the apron itself keeps your clothes clean & stain free (this is big for messy me! lol). They also seem to have a wonderful sense of domesticity about them! As if they are the costume of a true mother/keeper of the home! Have you ever noticed the sense of warmth & motivation you seem to get, after you've taken that apron down from it's nail, and slipped/ fastened it in place? It's powerful!

On a similar note... Another interest of mine, since I was a small girl - was learning about the daily lives, lessons, foods & clothing of historical time eras. I didn't necessarily love reading about them... but more the hands on living & learning. - esp that of the lives of women & children. (Don't worry, these two topics DO have a connection... I promise!) You could say this was somewhat ingrained into me... as much of our vacationing whilst growing up, were what you would call "educational" vacations - often being historically founded, in the form of reenactments, historical homes & villages, parks, and farms. Some of the eras I have become especially fond of are: Colonial America & the Revolutionary Period... the Pioneer times (mid to late 1800's)... and - the epoch I am probably most captivated by - the Victorian & Edwardian eras (early 1900's)! Admittedly, I love watching series like: Little House, & Road to Avonela... as well as movies like: Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, & Sarah Plain & Tall, for those very reasons!

Anyway... back to aprons. As I was watching Road to Avonlea the other day (one of my favorite period shows), and was admiring their beautiful styled clothing.... I couldn't help but notice their aprons! They not only covered their torsos well... but the bottom part was almost like a second skirt, the way the completely wrapped around. Very nice! As I was later talking to my mom... she mentioned that if I could find/ buy the apron pattern I like... she'd make us aprons to wear! (as sadly, I don't have a sewing machine.) Surprisingly, there are many different styles of aprons - even from the Turn of Century era.... but after looking around a bit. I found *the* one. It's called, simply, the "Edwardian Apron". Several sites have the pattern for this particular style apron... but the place I found offered the best price was Sense & Sensibility Patterns (awesome name, no?) - which is an awesome site offering authentic historic patterns from various eras! (They also have a ePatterns section for instant downloads at a discounted price!) So now, all I have to do is order the pattern... and then I will be well on my way to having one of my very own, beautiful apron!! :-)

Side note: I am also seriously drooling over the 1910's Tea Gown! ~ *so* pretty!

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