Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Give & it shall be given unto you!

During the Missions Conference last week, we were encouraged to pray about what the Lord would have us give as our Faith Promise (Missions) offering this year. We heard many testimonies on how God blesses those who give by faith. And tonight, we were blessed with the opportunity to witness this first hand!!

This afternoon, B had to turn in his hours for last week (Mon:10th -Sun: 16th).... and despite getting off early on Monday evening for Missions Conference... ending earlier on Tuesday (he actually got to church in time for the preaching!)... not working at all Wednesday (which was a blessing, since we had our last night of the Missions Conference & International Dinner)... getting home by 7:00pm on Thursday... and not working at all Saturday (which was another blessing, because we had a missions trip to Hope Children's Home!)... he still clocked over 50 hours of work last week!

God is SO good. We trusted in him.. and he's already providing the extra work to be able to give!! ~ Praise the Lord!!

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