Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Returns...

Note to readers: You don't have to read this if you don't want... I just wanted to have a record of the events that took place throughout the night! (Most if not all stats found on cnn.com)


Wow! What race! At around 8:30 (right after our polls closed), McCain was leading our liberal leaning county (who would have thunk).. by 9:51, as more precincts had reported, Obama had pulled slightly ahead, but only by a little more than 1,000 votes.... and now I just checked, and though Obama is still ahead, it's exactly 50/50 (100% reporting)... with 95,836 votes to 95,609 votes! - He only won our county by 227 votes! That's amazing! Also, Amendment 2 has remained at approx 60 yes/40 no all evening!

For our [battleground] state... it started with Obama leading 55 to 45 (with most of the panhandle counties still to come in)... but as the night wears on, I am slowly seeing that gap lessen... and more and more of the state turn red! So far, with 80% precincts reporting Obama is leading 51% (3,553,070) to 49% (3,378,887).... but they have yet to turn it red or blue... so ya never know! It's definitely gonna be close!!

For the Country, with only 45% of the precincts reporting so far.... it seems Obama is leading 207 electoral to McCain's 135... which actually just jumped up her was under 100 for the longest time. (looks like he getting TX which helps a lot!!!) Looks like one of the other battleground states, Ohio, which had been previously colored red, was just changed to blue stripes. Though it's only had 43% reporting... so it can always change back!

11:20 update:
They are now saying Obama has won (297 to 139)... yet, they are counting in/giving him states that were not long ago led by McCain(Ohio, Iowa & New Mexico), and who only have 52, 48 & 38 percent, repectively, of their reports in. I just don't get it. They have also given Obama states like CA, OR, WA, & HI... who - though I know usually go Democrat - have just barely closed their polls! - Don't you think it's a little early to be counting their chickens?? Interestingly enough, they have still not colored IN or FL. In both Obama is still in the lead (FL - 51% (3,661,970) to 49% (3,510,862), 85% reported-- IN: 50% (1273806) to 49% (1272007) 96% reported) but with much of both states looking mighty red... anything can definately still happen!

11:30 update:
They have just boosted the numbers to 333 (51% - 43,978,815 votes) / 155 (48% - 41,042,359 votes). ~ And though it's only 88% in... they are finally coloring in FL, and giving Obama our 27 electoral votes! (crap!) North Carolina is running a very close race with 94% in... they are at 50%/50% with a difference of only 4425 votes (in McCains favor). IN is currently in Obama's favor, by about 8300 votes (50/49% - 96% in). Needless to say, neither state have been colored yet.

11:45pm update:
Boosted it to 338 (51% - 46,171,361) / 155 (48% - 42,957, 258). They are now saying Nevada is going to go Obama's way (blue stripes) after all - though it's only in by 3% - once again, counting our chickens much? Ohio is still colored blue stripes.. though they are have only gone up to 60% with Obama leading 51 /48%. The gap has widened with Iowa... leading 54/45% - 74% in). FL is now up to 90% with a blue lead of 51% (3,841,372) to 49% (3,671,264). hmm... They have still yet to color in MO, though with 84% reporting McCain is leading 51/48% (over 66,000 votes). The awesome news is, Amendment 2 is still about the same as it has, with 62% yes - 38% no! and Prop 8 (the Ban on Gay Marriage in CA) is currently at 54% yes/48% no - Praise the Lord!

Total National Precinct:69% reporting

12:00am update:
Though only 70% of the precicts have reported... Obama had made his acceptance speech - McCain, his concession speech.... meaning, with his projected win, Barack Obama will become the nation's 44th president and its first African-American leader.

Honestly, I am totally bummed... disheartened... sickened... and confused by the whole thing. I can't quite comprehend what America was thinking - I truly don't understand it!! (May God have mercy on our country!) - But at the same time, I am at peace knowing that my Savior was, my Savior is and my Savior will be Jesus. Not Barack Obama. God is still on the throne... and still in control! As my good friend Sarah said:

"My first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man.
My first allegiance is not to democracy or blood.
It's to a kingdom and a King.".

Final Update (3am)...
yes, I am still up. My mind seems to be going a million miles an hour... therefore making in pretty much impossible to rest & sleep.

Here are the final standings for tonight...

Obama: 338 projected Electoral votes... (52% - 60,508,133 votes) ~ McCain 163 projected Electorals (47% - 54,165,199 votes)

FL finished (well, it's at 99%) with a historical democratic win (there have only been two other democratic wins in the last 40 years 1996 & 1976).... Obama beat out McCain, 51% (4,062,977) to 49% (3,864,089).

Three of the other battleground states.. MO, IN & NC.. never got officially colored in - though by the numbers IN & NC go to Obama & MO goes to McCain.

NV, CO, NM IA, OH & FL (IN & NC) - who were all republican in the 2004 election - made surprising party changes to the democratic side.

Prayers were answered in the Amendment/Proposition Bans on Gay Marriage! FL 2, finished off with a strong 62% yes to 38% no! (with a mind sweeping 4,657,031 to 2,848,490 votes!) ~ AZ is at 56% yes to 44% no (97% precinct reporting).... And CA 8, is at 52% yes to 48% no (with 52% precincts reporting). ~ Praise the Lord!

Next Morning:
Somehow though our country was already 100% reported, the numbers have gone up. Standings are now: 102,650 (Obama) to 102, 413 (McCain)... that's still only a crazy 237 vote lead! Talk about close!


In the states of Arizona, Florida and California voters said no to homosexual “marriage.” In fact, in the Sunshine State, 60% of the vote was needed to keep marriage only between a man and a woman, and our side was able to garner 62% of the vote.

We won in Arizona, too! This is significant because a couple of years ago the marriage amendment was defeated when the pro-homosexual marriage advocates played the fear card with senior citizens.

Finally, in California, our country’s largest and most liberal state, the citizens voted 52% to 48% to overturn the state Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriage. This is BIG news! Radical homosexual groups, Hollywood celebrities and the liberal media came together to try and defeat Proposition 8, yet the pro-family and pro-marriage citizens of California won a huge victory and, if I might add, put the arrogant California Supreme Court in its place!

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