Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tea time!

You know how when you see/do certain things, they just give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside? Last Sunday afternoon, we had a Ladies Tea with our missionary wives/daughters, and as I sat sipping my wonderful cup full aromatic tea... I was suddenly overwhelmed with a whole array of memories! You see, tea has had a very prominent place in my life whilst growing up. Sweet-tea, is probably our family's number one beverage... being pretty much available, at just about any time in our home ~ While hot tea brings back memories of late night chats with Marmee... baking... lessons on manners & etiquette.... dress up, tea parties.... history lessons... EXCEL (where all we had in the way of caffeine for the majority of 8wks, was Earl Grey - hahaha)... and, most fondly, memories of chilly winter days - where Marmee always kept the tea kettle full & constantly warming on the stove, so that we could have hot tea whenever we needed it. (Actually, if you ever go visit her in the winter, you'll still find she still does that!!) .

Then it made me start to think of how really blessed I am. I grew up in house full of tea-loving girly-girls... with a Marmee who constantly pours herself into our lives.. teaching us, training us, guiding us in the things of the Lord. ~ She is truly an example of the faith... who, when steeped in the most challenging "hot waters" of life, trusted God completely to get through.. only to come out stronger & more robust in her walk with the the Lord!! And now, as a young wife & mommy - who is learning the joy & sorrows of life as an adult.... there are honestly times, where I would like nothing more than to run back to those carefree days of afternoon tea parties with the girls... but alas, life moves on, things change... and I only pray that I can be the same example to my daughter(s), as my mom has been to us....

Tea that helps our head and heart. Tea medicates most every part.
Tea rejuvenates the very old. Tea warms the hands of those who're cold.

~ J. Jonker, Amsterdam, circa 1670

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