Friday, January 16, 2009

Fluffy mail!

Look what I got in the mail today!!In shopping for her own little [soon-coming] blessing... My sister told my about Monkey Toe Diapers... an online store that is preparing to close... and so is selling everything at a marked down price. Since I have been needing to get KB some new diapers - hers are all getting way to small, and we're having trouble with leaking - I decided to take a peek, and see what they had to offer. Turns out they had some Thirsties covers, for a little off of the average going price! The brief experience I have had with Thirsties (someone kindly gave us one Small cover & one Fab-fitted diaper, when KB was a baby) I remember being quite pleased with both the fit, and the quality! Curious as to what they had to offer.... I first clicked the Large. Only 2-3 left... in blue, green... and purple! Purple definitely works for me! Then I went over to Mediums.... oh no! only one left.... just watch it's going to be blue. I hesitantly click... and what should my eyes see... but it's pink! (yay!)- Definitely a sign that it was meant to be! (lol!) I quickly add them to my cart (before anyone else takes it - haha)... along with a few Snappi® Fasteners I have been wanting to try. Ends up, I spent just about $30 ( so a little more than 10% off my order).... and along with my replacement Motherease covers (which should also be coming any day - long story!)... we should be all set in the diaper department for a while, now! yay!

(though I do still want to try out the knit soakers, Samantha was telling me about!! ;-)

I just love fluffy mail!!

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