Friday, January 16, 2009

Soft-soled Shoes (pattern!)

picture by Twenty Cent Mixture, for the cloth shoes for babies Flickr pool

We all have heard the recommendations, for babies and children to go barefoot for optimum foot development. However, going barefoot is not always convenient or even possible. SO... enter the soft-soled shoe! But if you've ever shopped for soft soled shoes, you'll know just how stinkin' expensive they can be. They can range anywhere between $10-$15 a pair (at Walmart, Target, etc) t0 $25-35 a pair, for brands such as: Zappos, Pediped, Robeez, and PlatyPaws (just to name a few...). But if you are at all tight... ahem, I mean frugal like I am (heehee).... then you too would have a hard time coughing up that kind of money for a single pair of shoes!! (heh, I don't even pay $30 for a pair of shoes for ME! lol!) So then what is the alternative, you ask? Why making them of course!!

The blog: shares a link for what seems to be a simple pretty simple shoe pattern & tutorial for making these adorable foot accessories!! (In fact, the whole site is seems to be filled with crafty inspiration.... But the shoes.... Mmm... I could just eat them up - they are SO cute! )

So yes.... as soon as I get my sewing machine (which I am hoping will indeed be soon! - at least, it's my next "wish list" gadget!!), I definitely want to attempt to make a pair!! Hmm.... too ambitious?

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