Friday, January 30, 2009

Girls, girls, girls...

Today I got the opportunity to bless & be blessed.... all while standing in the middle of a retail warehouse. We were in Sam's Club, checking into the possibility of a job for B, picking up a few things, and enjoying many delicious samples they had to offer this afternoon... when the Lord crossed our path with a precious family, filled with girls! :-) We had just stopped to taste the guacamole, when I heard someone slightly behind & off to the side of me say "excuse me, cart of girls coming through." I smiled, as this sounded all too familiar.... and turned around to find a sweet looking lady, pushing a cart surrounded by four *beautiful* little girls. With a smile I said, "cart of girls, indeed..." and then went on to explain how I was from family of all girls, and how they reminded me of my sisters, and I, when we were little girls. This of course struck up a conversation... and before I know it were are sharing & laughing about children, large families, family size, names, the annoyance of unwanted parenting input..... the irritating, age-old comments of "your poor dad!" ~ "are you going to keep trying for that boy?" ~ & "aren't you done, yet?" ~ and the overall life in a world of girls. She was such a dear lady, and the conversation was so pleasant... that - though I can't pinpoint it to any one thing - I walked away feeling truly blessed to have fellowshipped with her, if only for those brief moments.

I don't know the what church they attend, only that they do. I didn't manage to catch her name... only that all the girls' names start with an "M" (oh! and, the 2nd girl will be 8 on Sunday, and the baby is almost 16 months). Matter of fact... I don't much about her at all (besides the random fact that she's a school chum of our chiropractor's wife. - heehee, small town). But now, I think I now understand what people mean, when they describe someone as being 'like that of a kindred spirit'... <3

Thank you Lord for that much needed blessing & encouragement!!

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