Friday, January 30, 2009


I need prayer for my family!!! At the beginning of the week, Kentucky was hit by a severe ice storm... and now most of the state is currently, completely without electricity... and (due to the massive amount of people it's has affected) they may not get it back until mid-Feburary!! My family (NW Kentucky), have so far been without electricity since Tuesday afternoon. Thankfully their cell phones are still working (which they can keep charged in the car).... so I have gotten to briefly talk to Marmee twice, as well as received numerous texts from Christina & Ash!! They are living exclusively in their little den - as it is the only room in the house with any kind of heat source- and are getting by, by heating food over the fireplace to eat... and doing everything by candlelight. They currently have plently of food to eat, as, in preparation for worse-case senerio, they all took showers & prepared a bunch of food which can easily be reheated over the fireplace to eat. They say tall their trees look like weeping willows, the way the branches are weighted down.... and there is a constant [creepy] resonance of crackling & crashing all around them... as more & more tree limbs/power lines snap, under the immense weight of the ice, with a sound like gunshots... (now doesn't that just sound SO comforing?). They say they are EXTREMELY bored.... but otherwise, are doing okay!! :) Please pray for their contiued safety!!!

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