Friday, January 2, 2009

Holidays have come & gone...

The holidays have come & gone.... and now, so have all of it's visitors! It is really amazing how fast these last few weeks have seemed to fly by! It seems like just yesterday, we were happily preparing for the fast-coming Christmas.... and now it's January 2nd.... and the festivities are all over! wow! My three longtime and closest friends (Vanessa/Chris, JAmes, Nora/Steve) - who are now living scattered throughout US - all got to come home for Christmas! What a blessing that was! They each led extremely busy schedules while they were here (holidays, family, wedding preparations, surgery, etc...), yet they all made some time to see me - I was thrilled, and SO grateful! It's always wonderful to spend time with each one of them, and catch up on each others lives! :-)

Sadly, though... the days have fled... and it all had to come to an end. So now, even as we speak, they are each on their journeys back to their location of residence (Indiana, So Cal, & Kansas, respectively)... and back to work & lives as adults. Speaking of which.... B also officially started the crazy three weeks of chaos (aka take down), at work today.... so here I am. KB is sleeping.... and, as you can imagine, it's pretty solitude around here. Thankfully.... there is much that needs to be done.... the dishwasher needs emptying & reloading.... laundry is desperately calling to be tended to... and I have many pictures that need editing - most importantly, the pictures I took for Vanessa & Chris' engagement session!! But that still doesn't make my heart any less lonely.... I guess you can say, I am having a bit of a melancholy day.

So, goodbye everyone! I'll miss you... but I know I'll see you soon! (and talk to you even sooner!) ~ Love you all!

Nora & Steve (photo stolen from her FB!)...JAmes (photo also stolen from FB! - pictured with his precious mama! <3)...
Vanessa & Chris (a preview of their engagement pictures).... ;-)

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