Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rant: Mainstream - NOT the only way!!

**Warning: rant ahead!!***

I really don't understand these people, who are always trying to push the mainstream way as being the ONLY right way. Or why they think they are doing me any favors by constantly trying to force their conventional methods on me & my family! It annoys me, that they think our choices & decisions are so shallow, that we will just throw them to the side for their "convenience" (or rather laziness & unwillingness to step out of ones comfort zone).... I.think.not!! ~ ARG!! While I understand that much of what we have chosen to do with our family, is beyond that of society's 'norm'.... it DOESN'T make it wrong!! And much of what we do, is "all part of raising them up in the way they should go - we try to start things as we intend [them] to go on." (yes! Well said, Kate! ~ Thanx!) So, YES, I am STILL breastfeeding... and YES, I DO breastfeed in public... and NO, I am not depriving my child, by not letting her eat sugar & crap.... and YES, I wear my toddler, just like I wore her as a baby... and NO I WON'T put my daughter in the nursery (unless I have to - again, forced!)... and YES I use cloth diapers... and NO, I won't waste my money to buy/use disposables for your convenience.... and YES, we plan to homeschool our child(ren).... and yes, we encourage imaginative & creative play, by offering simple toys & everyday items, vs overstimulating toys & tv/videos... and NO, we're NOT overly strict, mean and antisocial parents who expect too much for the age/maturity level... and NO absolutely not, will we go against our hearts, to do what YOU think we should be doing with OUR family!!


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