Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vera Bradley...

Vera Bradley.... the relish & even somewhat of a guilty pleasure of all us girls: sisters, cousins, & sister-in-law, alike... just released four new patterns for Spring 2009!!

Cupcake Pink, Cupcake Green (neither of which, do I care for!)
Hope Garden
(the new breast cancer color) & [the long awaited]... Purple Punch!!!

That's right, Purple!! I am SO excited!!! I have forever said, that of ALL the colors VB has had (pinks.. reds... greens & blues of all shades... brown... yellow... and even orange!), she has yet to host one which depicts my favorite color... purple!! And now she has!! ~ I am in love!!! My wish has come true!

Honestly, Hope Garden would have seriously had a possibility of contending with Mod Floral Pink as my favorite "personal" color (iyou know, when I actually begin to carry something *other* than a diaper bag... hee,hee!).... but now, it's Purple Punch all the way!! Hmm... now that I have my "dream color," now I need to to pick out my "dream style"... and start praying hard!!

(If only they would make B's wish come true.... make them cheaper - lol!)

Currently, "my pattern" is the "Vera" bag, in the recently retired, Petal Pink... which someone generously gave to me, as a baby gift!! ~ And honestly, for a [baby girl's] diaper bag.... it's pink, flowery, and... perfect!! ~ I LOVE it!!
The only downside, is that is is most definitely pink, and will NOT work, if we are ever blessed with a son! In which case (given I have the same generosity bestowed on me... or find myself insanely rich).... I have always said I would either get the [almost too] popular, Java Blue.... or Windsor Navy.....

Then they retired "Windsor", and brought out the "Mod Floral" and "Mediterranean" lines, which each have a blue....
and the more I look at it, and realize just how common "Java Blue" is.... I am thinking the Mod Floral would win out!! --- BTW, I would get it in the same style as my pink one... :)

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