Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Discounts.... and Valentines Day!!!

I know, I know... those two things really don't seem like they should go together.... but when your hubby is out of a job, and money is tight (or if you are just a tight-wad... ahem! I mean frugal with your money).... then, any little trick is well worth it! -- And I think this one will knock your socks off! is currently running an awesome
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That's right! The already awesome discounted prices... just got even more affordable! :-) But what's even more exciting is.... since we had postponed celebrating our Valentines day (due to sickness, & holiday rush, etc.), we were able to get a $50 gift card to our local The Melting Pot Restaurant (which would have normally sold for $20).... for only $6!!!! Procrastination (even though planned) has once again paid off!!! hee,hee!! ;)

Off course, per the rules of, the $50 card is only valid with a $100 minimum purchase.* ~ But since we were, once again, being frugal.... my hubby had already redeemed his Am-Ex reward points, getting us another $50 gift card.... which we will pair with the above deal (totaling $100)... and eat!!! --

So, we get to have a fabulous & romantic Valentines Dinner, at a fancy restaurant (which also has sentimental value - it's where we went the night we got engaged!)..... All for just $6 + tip!! -- I am SO excited!! God is SO good!!

(Now to get everyone - namely Mother-in-law - well, so we can pick a time/date to go....)

* (Excludes alcohol. 18% gratuity added before discount, 1 cert. per table, No split checks. Not valid on holidays.)

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Debi said...

great deal to your favorite place.
Now what are you doing up so late? Or are you like me and went to bed but then woke up and now can't go back to sleep? It's raining here and pretty hard and that woke me up.
Miss you, hope to get down there soon. Hugs.