Thursday, April 2, 2009

Valentines Day....

Tonight we finally got the opportunity to celebrate our Valentines day... and it was *awesome!!!* We had $100 to spend, between a gift card & a coupon... so we got to go all out!! We did the Lobster Indulgence Big Night Out.... which includes 3 courses (cheese fondue, salad, entree) + dessert fondue.

We had the Spinach Artichoke cheese (Fantastic!! -- a mix of Fontina and Butterkäse cheeses, spinach, artichoke hearts and garlic)... Caesar salad... Lobster Indulgence (Twin Lobster Tails, Limoncello Balsamic Sirloin, Shrimp Diablo, Sun-dried Tomato Chicken, Orange Fennel Pork Tenderloin, Porcini and Portobello Sacchetti, Fresh Vegetables) in the Mojo cooking style.. and the "Flaming Turtle" (Milk chocolate, caramel and chopped pecans, flambéed table side.) - with dark chocolate instead of milk! --- Delicious!!

Then after we were done eating... we continued our walk down memory lane, with a moonlight stroll down beautiful Island Park. It was perfect! - very reminiscent of the night B proposed! - so sweet! <3

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Christy said...

ooh I love the melting pot!! Brian took me this year for my birthday - sounds like we had the same dinner ;)