Monday, June 8, 2009

Dairy Farm

Today our Conscious Parenting group took a little "field trip" out to a [raw] dairy farm! 
The Farm, "Jersey Acres Farm" is run by a homeschool mom of seven children, ages 2 to 12. She was raised Mennonite in Indiana, where she learned about raising cattle, garnering milk and cultured dairy products, and procuring tender, delicious beef. Everything she sells is raw... milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, cup cheese, cottage cheese, etc. and all fresh from the [local] farm! Her business is run strictly word of mouth.... and she has recently succeeded so much, that she expanded her stock from just one cow to six! Although most people think of the Holstein (the traditional black & white spotted) when they think of dairy cattle... she actually uses Jersey cows on her farm.... as they are said to produce the most pounds of milk per pound of body weight, than any other breed.... as well as have the richest milk, with the highest percentage of butterfat and protein. From the current four cows she milks daily, she gets a whopping 27-some gallons of milk a DAY! She is not "certified" organic... but she uses all organic practices... and the cows are happy, free-roaming (they decided to take a swim in the pond, while we were there... too funny!), grass-fed, and finished on a few weeks of grains. :) If she does have a circumstance where natural methods aren't working, and an antibiotic is needed... she "pumps & dumps" for a week before using the milk again. - Much better than you'll find in stores! She let us sample a little "cup cheese" while we were there.... and oh, yumm! Good stuff! Tasted kinda like a [natural] Velveta or something... it was creamy and a similar consistency. - *really* delicious! :) I can't wait to try some of her other products.

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