Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Never again!

As I have mentioned before... we never, and I repeat never let KB have sugar. We believe the over ingestion of sugar in our country is the cause of many of the illnesses, dental issues, behavioral issues, and bad habits, that many children as well as adults struggle with today. Because of that, we strictly limit the sweetness tantalizing KB's taste buds, to natural sources... like fruits, and the occasional items sweetened through honey, maple syrup, stevia, dates, etc.

But this evening, I went against my every instinct & better judgment, and allowed her to have a small serving of vanilla ice-cream at a birthday celebration. - After all, how many kids get to celebrate their Great-great-Grandma's 98th birthday?!

But now... OMW! NEVER, EVER again! (or at least not for a REEEALLY long time!!) She was SO hyped up tonight, that I thought she'd NEVER go to sleep! We started her bed time routine, but although I could tell she was tired, and really wanted to oblige (she seems to love having a routine, and knowing what's coming next)... she just could not sit still. - let alone focus on any one thing, for more than a brief second. (not even nursing! - which for her is huge!) She was literally *buzzing* around the house... running, jumping, rolling, arms flailing, daddy jumping, laughing uncontrollably .... totally over stimulated and excited. ~ It was a regular adrenaline overload! ~ Seriously. She put a new meaning to the phrase "bouncing off the walls"! She was crazy! I kept asking B "who put the quarter in her nickel slot??" As she has *never* acted like this before! And honestly, as hilarious as it was to watch her go.... I did feel really bad for her, because it was like she had no control of anything her little body was doing. - she was on total auto-pilot... which was majorly malfunctioning from it's normal rhythm. :(

Finally, over an hour later... after lots of chasing her around the house, and just letting work off & expel some of that crazy energy... she was at long last, able to settle in & focus enough to nurse. But it was a little bit longer before she completely crashed. Poor baby.

Whew! What a night! I am seriously tired from just watching her! I've never seen anything like it.... and hope to not see it again for a really long time! :) ~ Hey! At least now I can honestly say to people "she has a reaction to it" when they harass me about not letting her have it... rather than being looked at, as the cruel mother who is depriving her poor child. LoL. ~ Whatever.


jamie love said...

it makes you realize just how much of a drug sugar really is huh?

Tiph said...

Absolutely! She only had maybe 2-3oz (?)... and she was that worked up! It's nasty stuff!

babythebaby said...

I went through the same thing when Nicole was KB's age. I let her LICK a piece of german chocolate that a friend brought from over there and she was still bouncing off the walls :) after all lights were out and we were all in bed around midnight! She was a little over 2 then. I had then people tell me 'you need to give her sugar so she gets used to it'... HA.. I wish I had all of you guys back then for support! :)