Saturday, June 27, 2009


KB's vocabulary is really blossoming lately.... and I wanted to document some of her [most used] phrases - for posterity sake, if nothing else...
Here's some of her verbiage...
(* = picked up within last month or so)

"hi", "bye", "Daddy", "Mommy", "Papou", "YiaYia", "pee", "ow", "baby", "mine"

* "Watt-TOO" = Water

* "Yain" = rain 

"Weh" = wet

"Sue" - shoe

"Tee" = [brush] teeth

Teas" = cheese,

= bubbles

*"Baa" - bath, bag (purse)
"Ma" = Milk, more

"yeah" = yes, yes ma'am* "booboo" = boo-boo, bite, bandaid

* "Ow!"
= knife, razor, anything sharp
"Pah" = Popsicle, popcorn

"Mama" = [a] grandma [figure], Small World (the song), Mickey Mouse,

"mema" = Nemo

= Mimi (a family friend), Minnie Mouse

"NAH nah" = Banana, Nouna

"Eye(s)" = eyes, glasses, ice

"Wee" = slide, a swing, rides at Disney

"Nana" = banana

= Marmee
(used to be a mush mouthed, "MwaMwa")

"Papa" = Grandpa
"Bebba" = Auntie Becca
"Awn DOY" = Aunt Joy

"Day" = Uncle David

* "Aine" (said like pain) =
Ann (family friend)

"nyeya" = Ryan
* "Doo dee" = Judy, Jordan

"Un Hi"
= talk on the phone
"Doh"= go, down, done, dog

"Teh too" = Thank you

"Pwea" = Please

"Eee" = Eat

"Doo" = Juice

"Dink/Dee" = drink

"poo" = eating utensil (spoon, fork)

= up

* "Ah kay"= okay

* "Eeeee" = Sicily
(our Italian Greyhound)

"Ah-thlo" = Oliver/Ollie
* (Our dachsund)

Response to question about one (aka "Do you want one?") ... "two, three..."
Other recent things (in growing with a toddler)...
  • She will also continuously call your name, until you actually look at her - no matter how many times as you verbally acknowledge you, she won't accept it until she's sure she has your full attention - eye contact & all.
  • She sings constantly ("Jesus Loves Me", "It's a Small World", "ABC's", "ABCDEFG, Jesus died for you & me", "God is so good" & "Sleep Sound in Jesus" are just a few of her favorites)
  • We have found that consistently validating her feelings - I.E. "you are feeling X (angry, frustrated, sad, etc)....What can I do to help?" Or "I understand you want [to do] X.... " - along with frequent reminders to "use your words"... really have helped reduce the instances of whining/tantrums. -- I strongly think that a 75% (sleepiness, & hunger aside) of this age's lashing out, is because - while they are able to understand a lot of what's going on [more than we give them credit for, I'm afraid] - their ability to communicate & articulate their wants/ needs is not as progressively developed yet... which leads to frustration. Just some of my observations :) --

    Another thing.... if she is using her words, and I still can't understand her (and it's a tangible object)... I will ask her to "show me", and allow her to lead me to what she wants (she'll point it out.) - Very helpful.

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Bryce & Heather Reckner said...

A lot of those made me smile! She truly is "precious"! <3
I love the- One, "two, three" Lol! Too cute!