Monday, June 29, 2009


Ahh, Mondays... I almost forgot what it was like to fly solo - esp on this glorious second day of the week! (can't you feel the sarcasm dripping from that comment?! LoL)
This morning, Hubby left for his first day at work (!!)... and after 16 months of having him home - the last six months, almost 24/7 - it was both a happy and sad time for this little family. Don't get me wrong, I am SO happy/excited/grateful for this opportunity. The idea of having enough money to pay our bills, coupled with ALSO possibly having enough to pay off some of this looming debt, is thrilling!!! But Mondays are never easy on KB. Something about the weekend - the schedule on Sundays, in particular - really knocks her off whack! And with daddy being gone this morning, this one was no exception!! Thankfully the fever she seemed to be fighting last night was gone when she woke up this morning... but the grumpies & whines were still hanging on, tooth & nail! (want some chesse with that whine? ~ Don't ask... she would!) - So, while I was hoping to be able to resume my former housekeeping schedule... something that (oddly enough) was *very* difficult to keep up with, when B was home.. But now, I am thinking it is going to need some serious adjusting, in order to accommodate a busy toddler - who seems to hate Mondays a much as (if not more) than anyone else. I am thinking something along the lines of very little housework.... and lots of snuggles, playing, and mommy-baby time! ~ Sound good to anyone else?

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