Friday, September 4, 2009

Review: Charlies Soap

So I will admit, I was slightly skeptical at first. - Ok fine, I was very skeptical. I remember at the beginning of my cloth-diapering journey, having people tell me how wonderful it was -- *the best* thing, ever. But, in my mind... it was soap. What could be so "special" about it? ~How in the world could just one simple tablespoon wash a whole load of clothes? ~ Esp if it has no smell? Eww. ~ AND, why in the world would I want spend "extra" for it when the store stuff is just fine? (shows how much I really knew! lol). Now, I look back and giggle at myself - what a long way we've come on this journey, indeed.

Of course it didn't help matters, that my sister had to go off, get married, have a baby, and also go crunchy... therefore fueling my already "crazy" desire to want to go natural. - LoL!

One day she called me up all excited. - After reading so many great reviews, she had finally bit the bullet, bought a case (several bags) of Charlies Soap. ~ And turns out... she LOVED it! Still kinda skeptical, she offered to send me some, to try. Hmm, a free sample? Sure, why not! After several loads in, I was sold. My diapers have never looked and smelled so clean.... (yeah, even with no added scents, the laundry acttally didn't stink after all! hee, hee)... my clothes didn't seem any worse for the wear (duh, lol)... and [best of all], there were no yucky chemicals to worry about! (yes, I've learned a bit since those beginning days...) It was awesome!

Unfortunately, with potty-training a toddler, that "sample" my sister sent me (albeit generous) went all too quickly! Leaving me - in desperation/determination not to have to switch back to the old (now deemed:"yucky") stuff - scrambling to find a source, before I was totally out. Thankfully, we have an awesome community around us, and I was able to buy an 80-load bag off another mama... which bought me plenty of time to search out the best price, and get ours ordered. Turns out, at approx 15¢/load (closer to 10¢, when bought by the 5-gal).... it's not only cheaper than traditional detergents, but it also lasts forever! ~ After over a month of use (including nine house-guests, WITH an additional fluffy-butt)... and we are still only three-fifths of the way through that afore mentioned bag!!

Charlies Soap site
(though I have found it's not the most cost effective, to buy directly from them)


Jaime Kae said...

I'll have to check it out. I've been thinking of making my own laundry soap, as the natural stuff I buy is so expensive!

Nicole said...

Have you ever thought of making your own? Also, do you dry your clothes with a dryer, or just hang them?

Tiph said...

@Nicole - I have... but having Charlies Soap available at 10¢ a load... I don't think it would be worth my time & trouble at this point. Maybe someday. And though I am very happy with the Charlies... the next thing I would like to try is soap nuts.. as I have heard fantastic reviews on them.

As far as drying, it depends on the item... I used to dry everything (except blankets and sometimes towels - which I hung out on the clothes line) in the dryer.. but more recently, I have begun hanging most of KB's dresses and many of mine. Partially to save electric.. and partially to make the clothes last longer. :-)