Saturday, September 5, 2009

Klean Kanteens!

In my attempts to rid our lives of all plastics (esp when it comes to eating/drinking!)... I have been wanting to get at least KB and myself Klean Kanteen [stainless steel] water bottles. Though we drink mostly from glass when we're at home... they would be wonderful to have for when we are out & about. The funny thing is... as sold as I was, on getting them... for some odd reason, I never actually took the steps, and bought them. Well, whatever reason my psyche had for holding me back.... it paid off!

The site, Backcountry Edge is running a sale on their 12oz and 40 oz bottles!! The 12 oz sippies are only $10.95 (instead of 19.95)... and the 40 oz bottles (with loop top) are only $16.95 (instead of 27.95)! Though I originally had my eye on the 27 oz bottle - mainly because of it's size, and probable ease sliding into the diaperbag - for $3 less, I can definitely deal with the bigger bottle!! :-) -- PLUS, because I ordered with my mom & sister, and it was over $50, we got free shipping! yay!! -- I ordered KB's in the color "moss green", and mine in "tree bark". I am so excited! Stay tuned for a review!!


(10/14): The 40oz are no longer on sale... but the 12oz bottles** are now on sale for $9.95./each!! ~ PLUS if you you enter in the coupon code: CTF4 you get an additional 10% off. While I know that only equates to a 50¢/bottle savings.... every little bit helps! ;)

** comes with Loop Cap, not a sippy - colors: pink, brown, black & green (sadly, orange & blue are sold out).

The coolest part is, I could get two more bottles, w/ sippy adapters (@ $2.25/each), shipped for less than what one would normally cost! :-)

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Jessica said...

Thanks for the link!! Time for a little budget inspection...see if we can squeeze them in. What a bargain!