Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby it's *COLD* outside!!

Holy Cow! I know it's been unusually cold here.... but now they are predicting a possibility of snow flurries this weekend! Yeah, you heard right... SNOW!!! ~  Are you sure I am still in Southwest FL, Toto?!?

It's snowed once in my lifetime down here... in Dec, 1989, when I was 5½ (pretty much overnight, gone by the AM.).. and before that, was when my mom was in her [early?] teens (that one stayed through till mid-morning, and I think she said they even canceled school so the kids could enjoy it! lol) So yeah... it's extremely rare... and one of those 'once in a blue moon' happenings.

Typically our January temps run in the low to mid-70's during the day, with maybe hitting the low-50's nights. So to have multiple days, where it hasn't gotten any warmer than a maximum of 55° (getting near freezing at night) really bizarre for us!! And yes, while I understand the temps we are experiencing really aren't that cold to many of you northerners.... imagine experiencing a whole 20°+  colder than your norm [however cold that may be]... and then you get the picture. lol. --- Believe it or not, we've actually had freeze warnings for several nights now and they are saying there's another cold front supposed to come through tomorrow. Eek!

And get this.... this is what B woke up to this morning...

What is that white stuff?!? ;-P
So weird!

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