Friday, July 29, 2005

TFY: VBS 2005 - recap

   Oulr 2005 CIA-VBS is all over... what an awesome week!!!  Tuesday night, Katy put me on crowd control (keeping everyone from talking and getting out of their seats) during Assembly time.  Well, I ended up spending all my time watching over a large group of teenage girls, from our Class-A ministry.... what an adventure!   * [side note] Class-A is a  ministry to the children, brought in through our bus ministry, from the 'new-town' area. The vast majority of them are black, and many of them come from broken homes.  On Sunday mornings we (the church) buss them in, feed them breakfast, and do an entire service type cass with them.--  it's a very rewarding ministry, but definitely not one for the faint in heart... as there are some rough children that come through!) [/side note] * Anyway, back to VBS.... where was I?  Ah! Yes... crowd control!  Well lets just say it's a miracle I didn't get the stuffin' beat out of me...  Some of those girls did NOT want to be quiet, and really didn't like it when I made them move to other seats, to get them away from each other! Katy later told me, she was just sure she was going to have to jump in the middle of a fights and break it up by the way this one girl was glaring at me.  I learned very quickly, that it you want to have any influence/authority over these kids, you have to stand strong and not back down for anything!   Now don't get me wrong, it was a tough night... but God used it to teach me some things about myself, and looking back I would do it again in heartbeat! I know God was there protecting me, and giving me the strength I needed to do my job!  
  Other highlights from the week....   We had 20+ children go forward on both Tues and Weds. nights for salvation.... for a grand total of 50 children getting saved over the week! :-) -- [Pastor] Lab-Man Dan and Super Agent Ben did some neat magic tricks over the week while sharing the gospel message!  *    The kids raised over $1500 with their Nickel Offering!
  *   We had over 100 guests come visit and attend 

   The girls won!! -- The children were challenged every night (in order to earn points) to learn their memory verses, bring nickels for the Nickel Offering, bring guests, and be on their best behavior.  Everyone worked hard, but in the end Mike (the boy's team leader) is the one who ended up with the pie in his face!  (Way to go, Katy and the  girls!)
   *   I got to dunk Marc in the dunking booth!!! -- Marc is one of the deacons and "grandpas" in the chruch, and takes great joy in teasing everyone... esp. me at the piano!  ;-)

Well. I could go on and on, but i have a piano student coming soon, so I'm going to go!
Signing out till next time,
Secret Agent Tiph

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