Saturday, July 30, 2005

TFY: Summertime... how divine!

Don't have a lot of time, but I just wanted to type a quick post and say... I LOVE summer!!  We spent the day out at the beach and pool with: Heather, Ashlee, & Becca (my sisters), Joy (my sis-in-law) & David (my bro-in-law). Other than me being very sunburned right now, we all had a blast!  The red-tide wasn't too bad, and once you got out onto the sandbar and just a little beyond (where the old water could circulate)... it was beautiful!  I have never seen so many sand-dollars in my life!  They were all over the sandbar!  The kids had their snorkel and masks and where finding all kinds of coquina (sp?) shells --  ya know, the ones that looks like butterflies when they are opened up --they were in just about every color imagined!  What fun!  Well, I gotta get to bed now... I will try to post more tomorrow!  Sweet dreams!!!

~A sunburned but happy....

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