Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wooping Cough

Did you know that some 80% of whooping cough cases are in fully vaccinated children? And contrary to popular belief, it's not life threatening. (don't believe me? look at my sister, Heather - she had pertussis as a child - and now she is a healthy, thriving, mama of two!).  It's scary, yes... but in healthy babies, with strong immune systems -- esp true for babies who are breastfed, and whose mamas eat healthy -- the risk of catching it are pretty low. - Let alone the chances of it being fatal. Also know, there are [natural] preventative measures can usually be taken to stop diseases in their tracks - for instance, high doses of  Vitamin C is proven to stop whooping cough!!! Of course the whole issue is your choice/decision.... but don't be afraid to follow your instinct as a mama. No one knows your kids better than you do!! :)

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