Monday, February 1, 2010

::Toddler Vent::

AGH!!! I need to vent for a moment....  KB is driving me CRAZY!! 
Over the  last week, she has developed an major onset of extreme selective hearing... where she used to be so careful, she's become immensely clumsy (constantly spilling and/or breaking things).... she's stuck on one volume: LOUD!... she seems to have suddenly "forgotten" how to use the potty - at first just occasionally, but today, she's missed 3x MORE than she's made it.  (I seriously think I have cleaned up more messes (of ALL kinds) today, than I have in her entire life combined, thus far!!).... and boy is she moody!!

PLEASE tell me this is just a phase!!!!!  I am going to have to be committed soon.. I am going insane!!!!

Ok, :::takes a deep breath:::  ~ Rant over...

Hey, gotta admit, she's still way too cute...


Edit (2/3) to add: After she suddenly came out with a random, cough & clear runny nose thissmorning... someone pointed out if could be getting her two year molars.  So I checked... and sure enough, it does look a little inflamed back there! Hmm, why didn't I think of that! (duh).  Thanx Tina! :)

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