Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy

Growing up in a family of all girls (whose mom dressed us alike on various occasions)... I love  matching mama/daughter dresses. Of course being frugal, I prefer to find them gently used...  for a portion of the price. - Enter... eBay! The only thing about eBay is, of the few Mother/daughter sets that actually exist at any one time, the average size of the mommy's dress is usually a large or XL  - way too big for me...

A few weeks ago, I found a seller who had put up these [beautiful] auctions, for matching Hanna Andersson dresses - the girls in a 110 (Swedish sizing for a girls 4-5) and a mom's dress in my size!!

Unfortunately, I was just leaving my sister-in-law's concert when the bidding ended,. And due to bidding via B's phone - and the lag in connection - I won the girls dress... but lost out in the mom's, in the last few seconds.  I was SO disappointed.  So then I started searching  eBay, Google, etc... only to discover that  there were plenty of other places with the girls' dress...   but no one had the ladies dress, anywhere, in *any* size.

So, I decided to take a chance, do something kinda bizarre.  I contacted the seller.  I explained my situation, and proposed an offer to pay the buyer a little more than they paid (for their trouble), if they would just relinquish the ownership of the dress. Then I sat back, with crossed fingers & a quiet prayer, waiting to see what would happen. Of course, the seller could have very well said, yeah right... they are not going to get X amount of dollars for it, when I only got Y.  But she didn't.... and after a little more correspondence between us.... some gracious emailing between her and the buyer (the winner's info is blocked from other bidders due to security).... I opened my inbox this morning, to find this email...
Hi there! The other bidder is willing to let you purchase the dress from them! I said you'd pay $10 extra (hope that's ok...). The easiest way is going to be for you to send payment directly to them via paypal and I'll just send the dress to you... ::deleted details about the totals, etc:::. ...I've requested their paypal email address so you can send the payment, I'll send you another message once I get it. Once they confirm that they've received your payment, I'll send you the dress. Since I was going to send the dresses separately anyway, I'll go ahead and ship your girl's dress. Thanks! Sherri
OMW! I was literally jumping up and down, I was/am SOOOOO excited! I immediately called B.  I am so happy! Once again, God proves that with a little faith... he will not only provide for our needs, but also our hearts desires!!

Along the same lines....  I was thrilled to also find a seller with the Hanna Anderson dress "Best Friends" (the ones KB and I wore for her baby dedication); in a size 110, for less than $20 ** shipped !!

** For reference, HA dresses retail for something like $88 for the ladies dresses.. and $40-45 for the girls.~ Eek!

Maybe this time, we'll manage to get some better pix of us wearing them... :)

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Lisa L said...

That's awesome about the dresses! So excited for you. :)