Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking responsibility...

This moving "Google Search Story" was made by none other than my hubby!!  It is titled "Taking Responsibility" as it was with  purpose  to encourage teens & adults alike, to take responsibility for their actions.... :-)  Well done, my love!!

Don't know what "Google Search Stories" are? ~ Please, read on....

 If you were to ask the vast majority of our population where they go, whenever they have a question about something.... my surmise is that a large portion of them would answer the internet - more specifically, Google. Whether you have a question about the recipe you are making... or you want to know the distance across the continental united states at It's widest point.... Google Search pretty much at the heart of the way we live our lives. (You know the old saying... "When in doubt, Google it"!) -- Undoubtedly, it's an amazing resource!

So Google stated a series of seven online advertisements, called "Google Search Stories" - where they use the  Google Search Engine to tell moving stories of changed lives.  During the 2010 Super Bowl, Google even used one these ads  as a 60 second commercial. The ad was called  “Parisian Love", and tells of a man that  uses his search engine to charm, communicate, and begin a life with a French woman. - It was such a big hit, that now, YouTube is offering the Google Search Stories Video Creator - which  lets you create your  very own "Search Story", and share it with the rest of the world! :-)

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