Friday, April 30, 2010

eBay finds:: Robeez!!

When KB wears shoes (haha!), about 80% of the time, they are still soft-soled.... so, needless to say, when I won this auction  earlier today... I was  pretty stoked!  To find *three* pairs of lightly used Robeez  - all coming  from the same seller.... in the size we were needing (2-3 years) - that were priced low at the end of an auction --  and then. to win them all for a total of only $28.40 - shipped!! -  it was only by the Lord's provision!! 
And while I know that total sounds like a lot for shoes... if you have ever bought soft-soled shoes before, you'd know that...  A) anything about 18-24mos is more difficult to come by... esp used! and B) a pair of brand new soft-soled shoes can easily run you  $30 or more a pair! (Robeez start at about $22/pair).

So yes...I am pretty excited!! :) KB was outgrowing the ones she had, so this was a much need blessing!  ~ I love a good deal!! ~ God is SO good!

(PLUS they are pink, and have kitties & princesses on them.... two of KB's favorite things! ♥)

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