Monday, May 24, 2010

Deals & Steals: Coconut Oil!!

Coconut oil is an awesome, healthy fat.... great when used as cooking oil, a butter substitute, a healthy shortening substitute in baking, a moisturizer/massage/body oil, as well as a multitude of other things. ~ But like many things, health comes with a cost....  and unrefined coconut oil - esp if organic - is usually no exception. ~ Notice I said, "usually".... ;-)

Deal Alert!!! -- has a 2-pack of Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Units -  for an awesome price of $12.03!!

I know.... 30 ounces, for just 40¢/oz... that's already a fantastic price, right?   But wait, it gets better!!! When ordering, if you choose to "Subscribe & Save", you should also get free shipping AND 15% off!!
Making the final price only $10.23 (shipped) -- for 30 ounces of  organic, unrefined coconut oil!!! -- That's only 34¢ an ounce**!! Wow!!  :-) Nutiva-Organic-Virgin-Coconut-15-Ounce

** Need a comparison?   My most recent batch of good stuff (organic, unrefined - which is what  prefer for most of my cooking), was purchased through the coop from which I ordered my grain.  It cost me $10.00 for 16 oz. Whenever I had to buy from our local health-food stores (Richards or Whole foods - which is never frugal).... I always paid somewhere between $12-13 for 16oz. closer ((yikes!)) 

For my next order, I was looking into as I have heard excellent things about the company, as well as their quality. But even though,  compared to the previous two purchases mentioned, it comes out to significant savings --  39¢ per ounce (or about 30¢/oz - when you buy the 5 gal) ~ vs the almost 60¢ an ounce that I paid through the coop ~ and [I don't even want to know] through the health food store -- at $37 (+13.39 shipping) for one gallon.... or $149 (+ 43.80) for the 5 gal.... it's still an huge upfront cost!!   

This deal makes it affordable upfront, and in the long run!! ~ Yay!! ~ I love a good deal!! :)  

Just don't forget - if you don't want to continue receiving the automatic shipments - to unsubscribe to  "Subscribe & save" service, once you receive your order!

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