Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Movie Review: Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Don't know if it's due to my interest in Greek culture (b/c of my FIL's heritage)... but  for whatever reason, I  really enjoyed this movie!

About a struggling high school boy - set in present time - who suddenly learns he is a demigod. A descendant one of not just any god, but one gods of Mount Olympus - Poseidon. After a brief visit to Camp half-blood - a camp for training demigods.... Percy, along with fellow demi-god, warrior Annabeth (daughter of the goddess, Athena) and his childhood friend, Grover (who he discovers is actually a brave Satyr, and his protector), set out on an adventure to redeem him name (he is accused of stealing Zeus' lightening bolt), and rescue his mother from Hades.

One thing I really liked about the development of the plot, is everything Percy does is for one purpose - to save his mother. He doesn?t seem to care about the rest of the world. Olympus can wage war on earth for all he cares. He just wants to rescue his mother. Which is the kind of super hero portrayal, this world needs more of - very sweet.

I really enjoyed seeing how they brought in the many aspects of Greek mythology (the gods, goddesses, creatures; as well things such as the Parthenon, lotus layer, etc) into play - and tied them into present day - using known places, right here on US soil. (Nashville, Vegas, NY). I thought it was very cool - and very creative.

And yes, since it is based on a series of mythological *books*... I could see how one would compare this movie to Harry Potter or Narnia. ~ But to me, comparing the story lines, is like comparing apples to bananas, just because they are both fruit. Similar ideas... different periodization. Clash of the Titans is definitely a more suitable movie comparison... but definitely geared to an different age group. IMO, "Percy Jackson" could be an entertaining follow up, if viewed upon completion of a study on Greek Myths & Legends.

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