Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Facebook: Long week

As posted on my FB status just moments ago....

After a 74 hour work week... it was mighty nice to have hubby all to ourselves today!! We miss him something awful when he's gone so much!! ~ But alas & alack... it's back to the grind tomorrow.... goodnight all! ♥

This is also primarily the reason I have not been around a whole lot lately. ~ Whew! I tell ya... singly parenting a 3 year old  - who is also struggling to adapt to this crazy new schedule/ life -  has proven to be more than a little challenging, at times!  But God is good, and I know He will get us through this rough patch -  just like all the others!  (I just hope it's soon! - lol!) 

Meanwhile, we are praising the Lord for the work... and thank Him for the opportunity he  has provided to B, through this job!

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