Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Memories: Chick-fil-A

 Passing on the tradition.... Three years of Chick-fil-A! ;)

If you know anything about our family, you know that we LOVE Chick-fil-A!!! It's pretty much the only fast food we ever eat, but it's become more than just a place of yummy food.... it's become a tradition.

This stems from when my sisters & I were small.. Mama -  a newly-made single mom - decided she wanted to create some kind of tradition.  Even though monies were tight...  she wanted something which - even among the craziest times in life - we could look back on with much fondness & happy memories. So... we began going to Chick-fil-a every Tuesday night to take advantage of their Kids Night., which offered 99¢ kids meals for kids of ALL ages! ;)  Four nuggets, fries, a drink and a small icecream (in exchange for the toy).... you couldn't beat deal?!   And even now, as the deal has evolved & changed (it's now " Buy a comb get a kids meal for free).... the tradition has stuck.  So to this day, every Tuesday night (with very few exceptions), we venture over to our favorite CFA location... to enjoy Family night,  the company of dear friends - we've come to call family - from over the years.... and once again eat the tasty chicken, just like days gone past.

And of course, being the shutter-bugs that we are... there have been *many* photos taken over the years,  documenting our CFA adventures... but there is one  particular shot, that seems to have stuck as a annual  "must have".  ~ It seems we have formed a habit of taking KB's picture with the cow stand-up that they put out every summer advertising for Cow Appreciation Day. :) Sadly, the stand-up wasn't still out the year she was born (2007) - hence the missing pic. But the other three (her at almost 1, 2 & 3yrs of age) are there... with hopefully we'll have many more to come!

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