Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early elective births... NOT such a great idea...

As early elective births increase so do health risks for mother, child
Shortening a pregnancy could affect a baby’s lung development, vision,weight, and some fine-tuning of the brain, experts say... At 35 weeks, the brain is only two-thirds of what it will weigh at 40 weeks...

Yes, while I believe whole heartily that a totally natural birth (better yet, in the comforts of your own home) is the best way you can go....  Regardless of your birthing method -- hospital, birth center, or homebirth...  OB or midwife... Epidural/medicated or drug-free... Waterbirth, Lamaze, Bradley, or Hynobirthing.... or even induction/c-section (though neither of those are the best choice in any situation, but an emergency!)-- this article is still an applicable and a VERY important read!!

Because, no matter how you no matter how you slice it...   "scheduling" a birth prior to term  --- which - btw, shouldn't be *any* earlier than 37 weeks - but is actually, in reality, 39-42wks!! ---  is nothing less than very risky and dangerous!! Unfortunately due to inconvenience (and misinformation) nowadays... there are not many doctors who will disclose that information anymore. Sadly, they peg you as "have to have that baby soon," as soon as you hit 36-37wks... and overdue, needing to schedule an extraction (i.e induction or c section) if you get anywhere near 39wks. But that's just not how God designed us, or our bodies.... :-(

Another striking quote from the article:
The vast majority of early term babies do fine, but [risking it is] like playing Russian roulette.
Wow!  ~  So  again... this all boils down to the driving force of why I post this, and all articles pertaining to heath & well-being - DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Don't take anyone's word for it.  In this case.... we're talking the quality & even quantity of your baby's life!!