Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dusting away the cobwebs...

My my.... it has been a long time, hasn't it?  A lot has happened since I posted an update, last!

  • 13+ weeks later, and I am still in recovery from  my fall.  I am doing better.... though still somewhat limited as to what I can do, and still cannot straighten them out all the way
    I had to wear both arms immobilized in slings, for about 6-7 weeks, to heal.... at which time, I was completely dependent on other people.  And then Even after that, I was still extremely limited to what I could do, and would wear whenever slings as needed (ie. when I'd go out). I started going without the right arm in a sling, after 8 weeks... and just last week was instructed to not wear the left arm in the sling anymore, to allow the muscle to lengthen and regain strength. A major/severe sprain is said to be worse than a break, and take a good 10wks to heal.The doc says to definitely expect at least that long, plus several therapeutical weeks on top of that -to get movement, strength and flexibility completely restored. And then I will probably have even as much a 6-8mos after that, where I will have to be careful what I do, pickup,etc. or I'll be feeling it ... ::sigh::

    Feb 18th - "Princess KB"  fought off the "monsters" in our bathroom with her imaginary "purple lightsaber"... haha! Such a drama queen!!c
  • In February, KB's wheat/gluten allergy was more than confirmed when we were told a pizza crust was Gluten free - when it wasn't!! :-(   For four days the poor thing suffered from uncontrollable mood swings, major temperament issues beyond the norm 3yo stuff - like totally off the wall bursts of anger & vehement yelling, or extreme meltdowns... night terrors, overall restlessness, and bedwetting... it was an intense & NOT fun week for anyone... :-(   Only prayer and God's grace got us through that one!

  • At the end of March, we found out that Mom had a definite buyer for her KY house, and as long as all went well/as expected, they wanted to close on April 1st and move in within 30 days.... eek!!!!! Mom offered to live together for awhile... but after some discussion, we felt it would be in the best interest of our little family to have a space of our own...  So that  then sent us on a mad hunt for a new place to live, that was big enough that it wouldn't be a huge hit (coming from our spoiled 1800+sqft) but also was in our rather tight price range - God knew!

  • April 6th -  signed a lease on an house, which God provided to us in some amazing ways!!! :-)
  •  FB status on April 11 ::  Packing, resting, packing, resting <---- and so goes my life these days... :-) About ready to take another load over to the new house. So glad Bill Chatzistamatis has two full days off this week! - So much to do, and only 2.5 short weeks to do it!!
  • On April 12th, we celebrated our 6 year anniversary!  

  • JM blog post on April 16th:
     As they say....
    "when it rains it pours!"  This became more true than I ever wished it to be as you know, we found out about 3.5 weeks ago, that we needed to find a new place to live, & move by Easter weekend. Though it's for happy reasons, it's also been (and is) extremely stressful. - esp since I am not completely healed from my accident in January. I've been blessed to have my sister here helping (ok, more like serving) me all these weeks... but she had to leave this morning. So here I am flying solo (household duties, KB, *everything*) for the first time in 11wks... with very limited motion, lots of pain, and tons of packing to do. (We really need to be moving the last of everything on Thursday, the 21st). I am soooo overwhelmed right now! Please pray for my strength, and that we'd get everything done quickly, efficiently and without any major hiccups. Thank you!
  • Moving Week ::  Sooo thankful for dear friends, that sacrificed so much of themselves, to help us in our time of need.  My friend Wynn came over multiple time throughout moving week - for many, many hours - to help me pack up items and get them ready to take to the new house.  She even took me on a few runs, helped me unload, and even ran some errands to places like Walmart, to get items needed -such as a Rubbermaid for Christmas stuff! Wynn & her family recently had to move quickly, so many methods & tricks were still very fresh on her mind... and were so helpful in getting everything done!  Then her son Keenan also came over all day Tuesday, and a good part of Thurs morning, to help us move some bigger and/or more complicated items (like the computer setup).  They were SUCH a blessing, and between Bill's work schedule and my arms, there is no way we could have done all by ourselves and still have our sanity intact.
  • April 22nd - Mom & girls come down!  Heather & Bryce came with them, to help! Soooo good to see my nephews - esp to get to finally meet my new one, CJ!

  • April 24 - EASTER! Had a big lunch at Mom's (our old house), with everyone (including the inlaws, and a few good friends).  Insane doing something like that, that close to moving you say... ?  Yeah, probably.... but it was fun nonetheless! :-)
  • April 25 - Mom's big move-in day... Yeah, so we didn't actually unpack everything from the giant, 26ft truck until the day after Easter. (see, we're not THAT crazy... Ok, maybe we are.)  Then we spent the evening going to the beach, going to Sonny's for dinner, and visiting with H, Bryce & the boys before they had to leave the next morning.
  • Now we've been in our new home for a week, and other than a few various boxed of random stuff - ya know, the stuff you don't want to get rid of, but you wonder why in the world are you keeping it around?! - yeah....  For the most part, everything is falling into place beautifully, and I love our little place already!  (PS - two more days until my birthday!!!)