Monday, June 28, 2004

TFY: Wedding dress

I did it... I got my wedding dress today!! (YEA!!)
I am SO excited!! --It's absolutely gorgeous! <3
      I have been looking at this dress, in the store window, for almost 2 weeks now, so while Mom and I were out taking my grandma to the doctor, I asked if we could stop in and look at it.   As soon as we got there I made a beeline for the store window to check it out, and low and behold, it's not only beautiful, but it's also really reasonable, and (best of all) in my size!   So I'm standing there drooling over it, and my Mom goes over to and says to the lady, "I'm interested in the dress in the window, for my daughter, could she please help us get it down, so she can try it on?"  The lady, who, BTW, couldn't see me from the counter, says (very sharply): "Well, where is she?"  Mom told her that I was over by the window looking at the dress, and the lady sarcastically snaps "well, what size does she wear?" Mom says "My daughter is over there right now, we already looked at it, and we think it is going to fit." The lady then tells us that we better be right, because it's really difficult to get take down. :-(   Finally, after a little more lovely conversation with Madam Charming (AKA the sales lady) , she finally walks over to the window to begin to begin the ever so difficult task of getting it down -- she unzips the back, slips it down, lifts the model out, picks up the dress and carries it away -- I'm thinking...  Yeah, right, that was REAL hard.... :-?  So she brings the dress over to me, and, as she hands it to me, she says   "Now if the zipper is snug, you won't force it, will you?"  I'm thinking 'Come on, woman... How big do you think I am?!?', but sweetly answered "No ma'am, I wont...promise!"
  So I finally get to go in and try it on, and, other than being a *little* bit too big up top (which can be alter
ed), it fit like it was made for me! :-D  I stood there in front of the mirror... My heart beated rapidly, as I twirled around in amazement, trying to see every angle. This is the dress I've always dreamed of -- it was perfect!  I walked out to show my grandma, and the first thing that came out of her mouth was "Oh Tiffany... It's you, through and through!!!" 

Well, Madam Charming (still not thinking we were really serious) walks up and goes "We have layaway, and.... "  Mom goes  "No, she's going to write you a check"  Just then, I thought the lady was going to drop dead right before my eyes :-O :-P :) She goes "You mean you are going to BUY it?! You really made up your mind that quickly?!  Wow!  I can't believe you just walked in, looked at it for a few minutes, tried it on, and decided to buy it- just like that. Boy, that was fast... (etc.)" and she continued as we left the store..  I do believe she was in total SHOCK... LOL!  :-}

      So I now have my dream dress! :-D I was originally planning to have my dress made for me, but I know we couldn't have made one as perfect as this (& for the price we got it for)... God is good!!! 

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