Friday, July 16, 2004

TFY: Of farm Life & sister's surgery...

We're home!!

 It's been a long  (& stressful) week, and it feels soo good to be back!  We arrived home late last night, from staying out at our friend's farm for the past four days. We had fun: milking the cow -- caring for the horses -- helping to train the guide dog pup ("Liberty") -- fiddling around on the violin and piano w/ Lynn -- serching the dark fields, at 11o'clock at night, trying to find a missing [black colored], 8 week old bull-calf -- (and getting blisters on my feet for neglecting to wear socks with my muck-boots) -- ironing interfacing and ripping out seams for the girls who were trying to sew themselves some pioneer dresses -- Riding the 4-wheeler up to the feedstore to get feed & hay -- going swimming -- going into town to run errands, and people thinking all 13 of us were brothers and sisters -- etc...  but we were definately ready to come home -- and see our mom and "new & improved" sister, whom we missed a TON!

After 4½ hrs of major jaw surgery, and three days in the hospital, Christina is doing well (and very happy to be home)!  I can't get over how much different she looks! -- Despite the swelling and pain, she looks absoulutely beautiful! --- And the funniest thing is, the doctor was right...  He said she'd look just like momma... and she DOES!    It's really neat!

Christina, you have been such a tropper through all this, and your calm & peaceful spirit has definately been an inspirtation to me!  You're are very special to me, Deiter, and I love you dearly!!  


P.S.- Only 25 more days till Bill comes home from HQ -- I'm so excited!!

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