Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goals for 2009

  • Get "good" soaps for kitchen/bathroom/hands/KB & Me
  • Get Bamboo utensils (Pampered chef?)
  • Remove all plastic dinnerware (all cups, plates, utensils, etc)
  • Limit other plastics (ie storage, etc)
  • Get KB at least one Klean Kanteen - get rid of plastic sippies
  • Find a regular time for bible reading/prayer
  • Get EO's and learn uses for them.
  • Other than our once-a-week Chick-fil-A... not eat fast food during 2009. (esp McDonalds)!
  • Limit soft drinks to 1-2x month! (at MOST!)
  • Get a sewing machine & become efficient on it!
  • Start a schedule for day & reorganize the chores schedule 
  • Start a weekly date night

  • Feed fish
  • Unload dishwasher

  • Clean up kitchen (wipe down table/counters - sweep)
  • Load remaining dishes in dishwasher - start it.

    To Read:
  • "How to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor" by Robert Mendelsohn.
  • "Continum Concept" Jean Liedloff
  • "Diaper Free Baby"
  • "The Natural Child: Parenting From the Heart" Jan Hunt
  • "Grace-Based Parenting" by Dr. Tim Kimmel

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