Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a deal!

Steve & Barry's in the mall is going out of business, and everything in the store has slowly been marked lower, and lower. When my mom & sisters were here, I got three shirts, two skirts for KB, and a new bathing suit for under $20! Not bad.... Well THEN ,we decided to stop in there, today... and everything was down even more - to $2.00 & under! (t-shirts were 60¢!) Though the store was a disaster... and the selection, not nearly as vast as before.... there were definitely deals to be found! We ended up with two shirts for B, four shirts & a pair of pajama pants (pictured above) for me, a shirt for my sister, a shirt for a friend, and a baby's sweater vest for a friend. The grand total? Only 9-dollars & change! :-) The funny thing is, the receipt shows your savings... and it said we saved like close to $60!! Isn't that crazy?! I just love finding a good deal!

BTW, Huntington Beach, CA (t-shirt in picture) is were our friend JAmes lives now. B & I thought it to was quite funny (& ironic) that there would be a shirt of the same place... so for such a price, I got it! ;)

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