Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SiCk, and postings to come...

I feel like I am recovering from being hit by a truck. It all started yesterday, when I woke up feeling "not quite right".... then it was followed by a dizzy spell, and near black-out in the shower.... a headache that just lingered through afternoon.... a fever & the aches by early evening. ~ B said he knew I wasn't feeling good, when I was falling asleep before 10pm... I never do that! Other than the occasional intervention of certain toddler, I have been resting/sleeping all day. I just got out of a hot shower, which followed a rather long nap (B took KB out for the afternoon)..... and while the aches are slowly dissipating... and the headache & fever are both touch & go.... I still feel very tired and weak. I hope this goes away soon... I do so despise being sick.

Well, I'd better go lay back down (I am starting to feel light headed again - ugh!)... but before I do, I wanted to jot down - mainly for my own memories sake - the topics I need to get posted, as soon as I am well enough to do so...

Update (
Feb. 07, 2009): Finally feeling better!!
Changing titles to links and I complete/post them!

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