Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blessings: Amber necklace

God is so good!!

As I mentioned before, KB's Amber Necklace went mysteriously missing a few months ago... Of course I was very disappointed... but due to finances, and then hubby's lost job... I never got around to buying her another one.  While I was up in Kentucky, good friends of our family's were visiting from North FL....  who - after hearing all the fabulous reviews from Heather & I - had just recently decided to try out Amber on their [teething] baby. As we were visiting, the mom asked me if I ever got KB another necklace   I admitted that I hadn't, and she asked me why I didn't tell her when she was putting in her order.  So I explained the situation - it wasn't a priority in our budget, etc..  After some thought, she mentions she had also bought a necklace for a friend, who didn't really wear it... so if I didn't mind an adult sized one, she would get it from her, and KB could have it.  I told her I would be grateful... and then the convo was dropped.

Fast-forward two weeks later.  We're back home now, and mom & the girls were spending the week with us.  We had dropped my youngest sister off at the afore mentioned friends' house for a few days... so they met us at ChickfilA on Tuesday night, to bring her home.  We enjoyed an evening of food, fellowship & ofcourse lots of laughs! Just as we were all getting ready to leave... 'mom' exclaims "Darnit! I forgot the necklace!"  But before I could assure her that I understood (after all with 7 kids at home, she has a lot on her mind!), and it was okay... she goes "I know!  Just take the one of Darby's neck, and I will get her another one, later! - Nae, get that necklace off Darby for KB!"  Dumbfounded, but ever so grateful, I thanked her... and we went home.

The next day, KB was acting kinda off... so I decided to check in her mouth. And lo & behold what did I find?...  she was cutting not just one, but all FOUR of her 2-year molars!  The timing in receiving such a special gift, could not have been more perfectly orchestrated time, than by the prompting of the Lord, himself! And I am so thankful! 

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